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As much as she would love to have a baby, she also has to go through the pains of labor.Screams and Cries due to labour pain are not unusual. They frighten a new to be mother and leave unpleasant memories and sometimes mental trauma.Since year and year pregnant women tolerated this pain because there was no safe way of pain relief in the past. Now due to advancement in Anaesthesia it is possible to have painless delivery.

These labour pains are due to contraction of uterus, stretching of ligament and muscles while child passes through birth passage.

Contraction of the uterus causes pain. We can make these contraction painless without reducing the contraction. We deposit Anaesthetic medicines near the nerves that take pain sensation from uterus to brain. This would numb the feeling of pain without affecting contraction of the uterus.


  1. Because of pain, mother secretes hormones which are distressing for the baby. Epidural analgesia makes mother and baby comfortable.
  2. It brings down high B.P which some mother experience during labour.
  3. It is good for patients who have heart disease.
  4. Delivery is fastened.
  5. If Caesareian is required then it can be doneby extending the same anaesthesia.
  6. Caesareian can be avoided in patients who opt for Caesareian for the fear of pain.

This epidural injection is to be given when you arc in active delivery process. However, the women will have to bear some pain during the initial stages, but later it will be a painless childbirth

It does not affect the baby. The baby is active and not drowsy, because the drugs used, act only on the nerve paths and not on the uterus or the baby.

The contractions remain normal, you can feel them, but they are painless. If at all, they are now more coordinated, and the delivery process is faster.This method is only to stop the pain and not the labor or even the birth of the baby. Safety is prioritized and main aim is that the baby should be safe throughout the process and post birth too.

Majority of the time, delivery is normal and sometimes instrumentations like forcep or vaccum is needed.

It does not have any permanent effect on the nerves. It acts only for about 100 minutes .There are no after effects for the next pregnancy.

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