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Our Vision

  • Lead through honesty and integrity.
  • Earn respect.
  • Gain patient trust.
  • Own quality excellence.
  • Commit to compassion, care & understanding.
  • Uphold Innovation & continuous improvement.
  • Develop & share success.


MRS. RASHMI DHAWAN: It is always a positive experience when visiting Dr. Gaurav and his engaging staff. They are consistantly professional, courteous and friendly. I HAVE VISITED HIM FREQUENTLY WITH VARIOS FRIENDS AND RELATIVES FOR TREATMENT AND advice, his skill and behavior have never failed to impress anyone.

MRS. MADHU JAIN: "It felt much better immediately after surgery. The surgery was on a Friday, and on the following day I was walking with support" she said. "After five and a half weeks my husband and I walked together at motijheel again."

MR. P.N JAIN H/O MRS CHANDRAMANI JAIN: A few weeks after surgery, my wife was only using a cane, and now she is walking unassisted. "I can do everything I could do before, but now I don't have the pain. Best of all, my range of motion is almost the same, and my new knee is already stronger than my old one. It is incredible."

MR. J.P. SINGH: My new knees brought me back to life. I didn't even realize I had lost my ability to live until I had surgery because the transition happened so slowly. I feel like I am part of the human race again, and it feels good."

MRS. ASHA BHARGAVA: I had undergone knee replacement by another senior specialist of the city before coming to Dr.Gaurav. After my first surgery I was in chronic pain for months and consulted Dr. Gaurav. Until my revision surgery for total knee replacement, I didn't realize surgical technique and selection of correct implant mattered so much.He after coordinating my health issues , did my revision knee. Now I am back to my normal life of which I had completely lost hope. I think healing has a lot to do with the doctor's attitude. Now I am convinced that if you give correct care, it comes back to you in blessings. God bless Dr.Gaurav...

MR. TARUN SHARMA: My family has been coming to Dr. R.R Bhargava for years and whether stopping by for a quick check on a small problem or an annual visit the results are the same; a helpful doctor and staff, and a smile on the way out.

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