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 Long Life Knee Replacement: Get Rid Of Knee Problems | BMTC | Kanpur

The modern day advancements in medical technology have not only proved to improve our lives but have also helped in the early diagnosis of various medical conditions. Knee arthritis is one of those that has shown a rise, both in the reported incidences and its treatment options.

Painful deformed knees may be an existing-altering condition resulting in despair and anxiety. In such instances, total knee replacement affords an entire treatment to the patients’ troubles and is one of the most successful strategies in present day medicine.

With patients becoming younger and better informed, the demands for artificial knee have increased in recent times.

Patients expect faster recovery, and a natural-feeling implant while a surgeon is faced with questions like how many years the implant will last. Hence, the design excellence of the knee implant and accuracy of surgery is a must.

As known there are multiple options of knee-system available, choosing the right implant, where patient satisfaction is demonstrated during routine activities, is the key. The traditional implant material may cause allergic reactions in the case of some patients because of the presence of nickel. On the other hand, low-friction implants called oxidised zirconium (OZ), ceramicised metal, along with crosslinked polyethylene as an insert offer less friction, leading to the extended life of the implants and is ideal for some young patients.

Patients have benefitted incredibly from the advent of cutting edge technologies in joint alternative surgical procedure. It has enabled patients to get returned on their feet an awful lot faster. The sufferers are recognised to benefit from the oxidised zirconium implants that wear and tear much less than standard implants, and consequently, these implants final a great deal longer.

Ceramic Total Knee Replacement implants show similar post-operative clinical results and survival rate compared to their conventional metallic counterparts. Considering the excellent characteristics of the tribology of ceramics, the clinical use of ceramic prostheses in Total Knee Replacement could be promising.

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